Own Projects


Consorci de la Zona Franca (CZFB) and Leitat have launched the production of 3D-printed splitters that allow connecting more than one patient to a single ventilator. Thanks to this 3D printed piece, an assisted breathing equipment will be able to support two, three or even four people simultaneously and with the same ventilatory requirements. A maximum of 17 pieces can be printed, uninterruptedly.

MULTIVENT is a device that allows to extend the number of people that can be connected with a pulmonary ventilator. The product is made of polyamide 12 through an additive manufacturing process and is made up of 1 female inlet with a Ø22mm diameter that can be connected to the fan and 2 or more male outlets with a Ø22mm diameter that allow dividing the air flow of the fan outlet and connecting it to more than one patient on the ventilator. These splitters have been manufactured following the instructions of the General Directorate of the Basic Portfolio of SNS and Pharmacy Services.

Sterilized product: ref. LT-CVD-MV 001

NON-sterilized product: ref. LT-CVD-MV 003

For more information contact: bifurcadores@leitat.org

Diagnostic kits

Lateral flow immunochromatography (Blood/Serum)

Given the critical need to know the reliability and effectiveness of the results expressed by the lateral flow immunochromatography diagnostic kits, Leitat has launched a process for the validation of suppliers of these “KITS” in both blood and plasma samples. The validation of “KITS” is carried out by its own method, the design of which has included a small clinical trial. The method allows us to understand the usefulness of the Kit at different time points of the disease, its efficacy VS the RT-PCR technique and the efficacy between using the same kit in blood VS plasma.

Thanks to the methodology developed by Leitat, it is possible to respond to:

These solutions allow us to:


Certification of self-filtering masks as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Certification of surgical masks as Sanitary Products (PS)
Certification of hygienic masks, which do not correspond to a PPE or a PS

R&D Initiatives

Advanced Technology Services

Validation protocol and quality control of the splitters

Cleaning and sterilization protocol of the splitters

Hygiene mask validation protocol

Health & Biomedicine

Development of phage display libraries for the development of therapeutic antibodies

Development of a fast lateral Flow diagnostic kit

Generation of monoclonal antibodies for diagnosis and therapy

Health & Biomedicine – Energy & Engineering

Photonic diagnostic kit for the quantification of viral RNA without PCR amplification

Energy & Engineering

Participation in the design, development and 3D manufacturing of the field ventilator and the splitters

Mobile robotics proposal for hospitals

Applied Chemistry & Materials

Detergents and surface treatments with antibacterial, antiviral and anti-biofilm capacity

Improvement of masks for use as Personal Protective Equipment

Circular Economy

Genomic sequencing of the virus

Survival studies of the virus on different types of surfaces and tissues

Sanitation technologies for the elimination of the COVID19 virus in air and on different surfaces