Acknowledgements to the sponsors
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Together, we help people with coronavirus to breathe.

Leitat is a technology centre whose mission is to manage technologies to create and transfer sustainable social, environmental, economic and industrial value to companies and entities through research and processes. It is accredited by ACCIÓ, of the Catalan Government, and is recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain.

To find out more about this initiative, please contact us by email: donaciones@fundacionleitat.org

(ATT: Mr. Xavier Casares)

If you would like to make a donation, please use Fundación Leitat’s bank account:

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If you would like to receive a certificate, please complete the following form.

We truly appreciate the collaboration of the companies, groups or people who are willing to help us financially.

Due to the exceptional situation we are in and to help tackle a high-risk health crisis, we have launched a sponsorship campaign with perdurable results, aiming at working more intensively against the spreading of COVID-19.

Leitat has, to date, used its own resources, both human and of advanced technology equipment, to carry out all the COVID-19-related projects.

Through our public foundation, Fundación Leitat, we will handle the donations which have been received from private parties, issuing the corresponding certificates for our donors.

Thank you so much.

Recuerda que si lo deseas podrás desgravar tu donación.

Si eres una persona física:

En el IRPF podrás deducirte el 75% del importe de tus cuotas y / o donativos íntegros por aportaciones de hasta 150 € al año. A partir de aportaciones superiores a 150 € al año, la deducción será del 30% o del 35% si llevas colaborando con la Fundación al menos 3 años seguidos.

Si eres una persona jurídica:

En el impuesto de sociedades podrás deducirte el 35% de tus cuotas y / o donativos íntegros. Si llevas colaborando con la Fundación al menos 3 años seguidos, la deducción será del 40%.